We offer programs and training for therapists to bridge compliance and quality patient care.

Our unique approach balances quality care with a pleasant work environment, because if you’re not happy then you can’t provide the highest quality of care to your patients.

And we help you along the way, with support and compliance guidance to make your work day easier. And we invest in our therapists with ongoing professional development in the areas you want to grow.

In other words, what sets Fusion Rehab Services apart is our commitment to you:

Professional Development

We build strong relationships with each and every one of our therapists. We are in it for the long term, which is why we see our commitment to your professional development as integral to what we do. As you grow as a therapist, we’ll be there to help you advance in your career, too.

Ongoing Training

We respect the great work our therapists perform every day. So we do everything we can to make sure your day is as rewarding as it can be by offering you the kinds of practical guidance that come only from extensive experience. Our advice and training will help you in all areas of your practice, from the best ways of working with your patients, to teamwork, and to guidance with working with facilities and management.

Compliance Support

Our unique expertise lies in helping our therapists navigate the complex and ever-changing compliance landscape. In addition to our due diligence with respect to state and federal legislation, our focus remains on giving you solid support with the procedures at the institutional level. We see an important part of our role as giving you the clearest guidelines—so you can follow your calling to the best of your abilities.




  • “We worked with Christine and her team last year to assist us with bringing our rehabilitation services in house from a contract service. We have had a tremendously positive experience working with them. They are the consummate professionals in their outlining a plan and keeping us informed every step from recruiting to hiring to orientation and start up.” Hugh H., Administrator

  • “Fusion Rehab Services has shared its knowledge and experience with our facility's therapy staff, which has proven essential in the growth of our team. Their passion and hands-on approach and ability to think outside the box, coupled with their focus on delivering the best possible patient care, has taken our rehab team to a whole new level in achieving quality clinical outcomes.” Amanda S., Administrator

  • “Working for Fusion Rehab Services has allowed me to grow as a therapist and given me the opportunity to establish a patient centered approach to my work. After all, that is what it is all about!” Jodi Rodriguez, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant